Monday 5 April 2021

"Red, Red Whines" (With Apologies To Neil Diamond and UB40)

Red, red whines.
That’s all you’ll hear.
Not like those glory days
When we would cheer.

Red, red whines.
If it were up to us,
We'd make a proper job
Of transforming the world.

We would be
More than kind.
Offer so much more than spin.
Makes us sad
When we find
There’s so much you won’t begin.

Red, red whines.
Now you’re so far away.
But how could we have known
That your blue, blue heart
would tear us apart?

You might think
That with time
We’d give up on all this stuff.
You’d be wrong,
Cos you know
You’ve done nothing like enough.

Red, red whines.
Now you’re so far away.
But how could we have known
That your blue, blue heart
Would tear us apart?

Chris Trotter.

This parody was originally posted on The Daily Blog of Friday, 2 April 2021.

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greywarbler said...

It's Les Miserables time here. Some people don't care that others are miserable.

At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing
Sitting flat on your bum doesn't buy any bread
There are children back at home
And the children have got to be fed
And you're lucky to be in a job
And in a bed!
And we're counting our blessings!...

At the end of the day it's another day over
With enough in your pocket to last for a week
Pay the landlord, pay the shop
Keep on grafting as long as you're able
Keep on grafting till you drop
Or it's back to the crumbs off the table
You've got to pay your way
At the end of the day!...

At the end of the day you're another day older
And that's all you can say for the life of the poor
It's a struggle, it's a war
And there's nothing that anyone's giving
One more day standing about, what is it for?
One day less to be living.

At the End of the Day
Song by Claude-Michel Schönberg

That is how it is for many people but put some more money and action in, and the lift and the multiplier effect will do wonders. There is a rise in the minimum wage, but the cost to the economy of the inflationary house prices is not being faced. Like a dose of sour medicine the only thing is for government to accept the obvious that it must build, and provide finance for Councils to build, some small family homes with fences and security of tenure, on long leases for tenants who can show they are reliable, in the right places for accessing easily public transport. It will boost the economy, what more do you want you economic dries?