Friday 18 March 2016

Vita Continuat.

MY SINCERE THANKS to all the visitors to Bowalley Road who, upon learning of my father's death, so kindly and so graciously conveyed their condolences. Your words have been a great support at this sad time.

As a strong supporter of this site, however, Dad would, I am sure, have wished me to lose as little time as possible in re-starting our political conversation.

That is what I now propose to do.

In the language of the Romans - with whom we seem to have more and more in common these days: Vita continuat.

Life goes on.

Chris Trotter.
18 March 2016

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Guerilla Surgeon said...

In your own time Chris – we'll survive :).

Anonymous said...

I find those sentiments hard to express. When my father died the nurses left us in a room together. My first thought was a picture of our grimy old garage at our first house (Dad + car). My second was Dad's body is here but the personality is over there. I heard his sound (like his drill and angle grinder or wasp in a paper bag). my mind formulated these exact words: "what was that for?". My father suffered from narcissistic personallity disorder, he was like a crooked glass and I spent my whole life (until then) fighting with him.