Wednesday 9 November 2016

"Democracy" - By Leonard Cohen


“I’M SENTIMENTAL, if you know what I mean. I love the country but I can’t stand the scene.” These lines from Leonard Cohen’s magisterial anthem, “Democracy”, sum up the way so many people feel about the United States of America. There are many more – and better – lines in this wonderful song. It’s why I play it so often – especially when Americans are in the process of choosing a new president. As the votes are cast, and the counting begins, why not listen to Lenny’s take on what democracy might look like – if it ever does come to the USA. Certainly, on this occasion, the song’s refrain has a special poignancy:
Sail on, sail on
O mighty ship of State
To the shores of need
Past the reefs of greed
Through the squalls of hate
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on
May the American people find safe harbour.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

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greywarbler said...

Great video done in great style by Cohen. The video is dramatised by the amazing art work. I tried to find who did it - it has a Norman Rockwell feel but seems more hard-hitting than anything he ever did. Wonder do you know Chris or anyone?

Another version of Democracy by Cohen.
Artwork from this guy:
Matthew Schwartz - more:

Guerilla Surgeon said...

Well, at the moment it looks like the orange one is going to do it. God help us all.

David Stone said...

Hi Chris

So how do you like democracy now? If the voting was rigged it's not likely to have been in that direction. They should have been kinder to Bernie Sanders.

Cheers David J S

adam said...

Thought this might help today. Love there take on some old tunes.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

And it's over. The world has actually gone to hell in a handbasket God help us, what am I going to do with the rest of my day? All you can read about on the news services is Trump. And I refuse to do so. It's a little bit too much like spending the day reading about Muldoon.

Sharp Tack said...

Polling in the workingmen's clubs of the Rust Belt might have revealed to the Democrats what they were up against.

Note to pollsters: stop believing your self-delusional bullshit.

tony ricketts said...

Your musical notes are always pertinent. When we came home last night from watching the results with friends Jenny put on Willie Nelson's recording of Paul Simon's American Tune.

Nick J said...

Democracy won last night. I did not like the result but I was fully expecting it. Its a hard lesson that must be learned by the Left: do not desert your own people. Each one has a vote that must be won, not just expected.
Thats democracy.

Sharp Tack said...

Also it is instructive to note that most of the mainsteam media were brain-washed by a predominant narrative that was destroyed at the ballot box.

What the mainsteam media seriously lacks is credible and objective analysis.

JanM said...

Perspicacious comments, Sharp Tack - too many mediocre brains in the media - living in a bubble - no idea how the forgotten millions live or think

Guerilla Surgeon said...

Democracy won on the night perhaps, but authoritarian chaos wins in the medium to long term.

greywarbler said...

Paul Simon today! Embrace the old songspinner doing American Tune.

It's all right, it's all right.

greywarbler said...

I'm sentimental. Sorry to lose you Leonard. 82 is a good age and I hope you didn't have drawn out chronic stuff to dim your recent life. But we feel the loss of all you bright sparks passing on and taking your brilliance away with you.