Friday 9 September 2022

The Queen Is Dead.

Elizabeth Windsor
1926 - 2022
Requiescat In Pace


David George said...

A very sad day.
An honourable life of humility and service comes to an end, thank you Queen Elizabeth II, God bless the King.

David George said...

Melanie says it better than I can.

"She held the country together because of the way she effaced herself to become the quintessence of duty and selfless service to her people, a symbol of unity and true inclusion. We watched the way she conducted her great office — her calmness, her strength, her fortitude, her kindliness and humility — and we felt soothed and reassured that, in looking at her example, we were gazing at ourselves as a nation in the mirror she held up to us. She loved us with a deep devotion; and in return we loved her.

Never have those qualities she embodied been more needed than they are now. It’s impossible not to feel that her passing marks not just the loss of a unique public servant and a great soul, but also the loss of a Britain that belonged to a different era — a Britain of strength and resilience, a Britain of self-restraint and grounded pragmatism, a Britain of true tolerance and gentleness, a Britain whose passing we also most deeply mourn.

The Queen was the embodiment of that Britain. Her death is a source of the deepest grief.

May her memory be a blessing."

Archduke Piccolo said...

Here's hoping that the monarchy rediscovers its purpose as champion for the Commons. They seem in recent years to have forgotten the duty they owe to their people at large. I can not mourn - but neither will I cheer...
... but I might raise a glass,
Ion A. Dowman

Jebahco said...

Sad moment. A rock in these times. In 1953 a 3year old boy in NZ said " I saw the Queen
I waved a flag"

Shane McDowall said...

Very sad to hear of her passing.

She was a person of great mana. We will not see her kind again.

The Queen is dead.

Long live King Charles III.

Nicola R said...

Never will we see her like again - a truer word has never been said.

The world's light is a little dimmer than it was before. Rest in peace our Liz, now you finally get to rest.

John Hurley said...

a Britain of true tolerance and gentleness...?

My wife is Japanese; she also was a big fan of the Queen. There is a trade off between the monarch as head of a tribe and a watered down UN type non-entity. My wife though could have adopted to life in Britain as an adoptee.

On the other hand you have Tze Ming Mok "one crappy little country" instead of 12 (post Brexit) "like re-a-l-l-y bummed!"

That's why I think Eric Kaufmann's Ethnotraditional Nationalism is a reasonable position - slower immigration and assimilation versus the cockfight that is EG Meng Foon's Race Relation's Day zoom meeting ("brown people will out number whites - the PM should come from my tribe").

David George said...

Queen Elizabeth II passed away hours before Dr Peterson gave this public lecture, he was asked, “how could the death of the Queen affect the boundaries between English communities around the world?” He explores the perils of fame, the weight and grandeur of the monarchical system, the legacy of its longest-reigning Queen, the past and future of Britain and the great loss so many have to bear. A truly great discussion, Jordan Peterson and his wife Tammy: 14 minutes,