Tuesday 19 September 2023

Delirious Hatred: The Dystopic Tendencies of Twenty-First Century Progressivism.

Fighting Mad: That which Twenty-First Century progressives most feared, Twenty-First Century progressivism has become. No one old enough to have experienced the emancipatory power of true progressivism: in the factory or on the streets; in the university quad or in the “old school” newsroom; could possibly vote for the parties it has taken over.

I THINK I’VE WORKED IT OUT – why writing about today’s version of “progressive” politics leaves me feeling so depressed. In the end, the reason I cannot bring myself to vote for either Labour or the Greens is very simple: it’s because they are joyless; because the logical end-point of the ideology they espouse is one of universal dissatisfaction and unending conflict. In other words, their direction-of-travel is dystopic. That’s why so many voters are pulling away from parties they’ve supported all their adult lives. They don’t like where Labour and the Greens are going, and they’ll be damned if they’ll go there with them.

Chippy can talk about “bread and butter” all he likes, but everybody knows that he and Grant Robertson have already committed themselves to less butter and thinner bread for at least the next three years. We also know that if, by some miracle, Labour-Green wins the election, then none of the initiatives which both parties signed-up to over the past six years: radical ethnic nationalism, censorship, transgenderism; are going to be abandoned. What looms ahead of New Zealand if Labour-Green wins is grinding economic austerity and relentless cultural warfare. Thinner bread and bloody roses.

The cynicism of the Greens is particularly galling. As the election looms ever closer, the party’s dominant ultra-progressive faction has been careful to remove the most off-putting of their policies from the party’s shop-front window. Barely tolerated by Green activists for most of the past three years, James Shaw has been thrust forward to sell the party’s popular and genuinely progressive policies to the electorate. Unfortunately, everybody who understands just how radical the Greens have become, also knows that the moment the votes are counted Shaw will be pushed aside and the party’s ultra-progressive priorities reclaimed from the backstage area and reinstated.

It is precisely this sort of conscious deception, this deliberate “fooling” of the voters, that has transformed progressive politics from what used to be a joyful affirmation of idealism into a joyless exercise in dishonesty.

According to this sort of progressive politician, the liberation of the oppressed cannot be achieved if their would-be liberators are open and honest about their intentions. Just look at the trouble that Marama Davidson’s frank identification of “White Cis Males” as the ultimate cause of societal violence got the Greens into. In a world where White Cis Males still hold sway, such frankness is self-defeating. The trick, they say, is to keep all these progressive truths safe in one’s heart, while telling those not ready to hear them a pack of lies.

Far better to send out James Shaw – a White Cis Male – to sell the party’s Wealth Tax, its Universal Basic Income, and all the other inspirational policies on offer from the Greens in 2023. That way the voters will be much less likely to remember that the Green Party also favours sending those found guilty of uttering or publishing “Hate Speech” to prison for three years.

Not that Labour is guiltless in this regard. One has only to recall the secretive process by which the He Puapua Report was prepared and presented. Once again, it was assumed that Pakeha New Zealanders couldn’t “handle the truth”. Why else was the Labour Government so insistent that the report in no way represented a blueprint for New Zealand’s transformation into a bicultural state, when a steady stream of official policy decisions confirmed that’s exactly what it was?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that as far as today’s progressives are concerned the “truth” has changed. The unifying vision of human emancipation and equality which, for centuries, possessed the power to mobilise the downtrodden and oppressed is no longer considered to be either achievable or desirable.

Progressive politics has moved beyond the idea of uplifting and overcoming; of building a society in which there are no masters, no servants; no rich, no poor. Envisaged now is what can only be described as a perpetual theatre of cruelty, in which those to whom evil has been done, are encouraged to do evil in return. Far from serving as the emancipating “vanguard” of the Proletariat, as Karl Marx hoped, the intelligentsia of the Twenty-First Century are claiming for themselves the role of Grand Inquisitor. They have made themselves the pitiless torturers of all those whose “privilege” cannot be overcome or abandoned, only confessed to and punished.

The historical precedent which springs to mind most readily is the extreme form of Maoism promulgated by the murderous Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s. Starting where Mao’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” left off, the “Red Khmers” constructed an ideological system grounded in deception and death. Having been marched out of the cities and into the countryside, “bourgeois” Cambodians were encouraged to confess their “crimes against the people”. By no other means, the commissars told them, could they be welcomed into the rural utopia which the Red Khmers were bringing into existence. The moment they stepped forward, of course, they were denounced and suffocated.

Over the top? Barking mad? Grossly defamatory of activists who only want people to be free and equal? How I wish it were true! But one only has to visit the febrile world of social media to grasp the perverse enjoyment contemporary progressives derive from “flaming”, “de-platforming”, and “cancelling” – oh, what an ominous word that is – those who refuse to step forward and confess.

A woman like “Posie Parker”, perhaps?

Those who were in Albert Park on 25 March 2023, and those who watched the many video recordings made at the scene, could not help but note the delirious hatred of the mob, and the brutal behaviour it spawned. Such is the praxis of the post-modern progressive: telling the news media that theirs was a gathering of peace and love – while punching a 70-year-old woman in the face. And then, shamefully, having their lies accepted by the supposedly “independent” intellectuals appointed to expose and condemn media falsehoods.

Have a care when fighting monsters,” warned the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “lest ye become a monster yourself.” Adding: “Stare not too long into the abyss – lest the abyss stare back into you.” Well, the horrific abyss of the bloody Twentieth Century has indisputably left its impression upon the children of the Twenty-First. Terrified that the monsters it spawned are returning to plague them, contemporary progressives have pre-emptively adopted the tactics of the fascists they profess to abhor.

That which Twenty-First Century progressives most feared, Twenty-First Century progressivism has become. No one old enough to have experienced the emancipatory power of true progressivism: in the factory or on the streets; in the university quad or in the “old school” newsroom; could possibly vote for the parties it has taken over.

This essay was originally posted on The Daily Blog of Friday, 15 September 2023.


Gary Peters said...

Well Chris, that was a fairly depressing read but, in my opinion, totally accurate.

However, I have faith that mankind will emerge from this black period of utter insanity, not necessarily stronger but hopefully wiser.

The acceptance of various "mantra" as gospel and the slavish adoration by some of those uttering them to the exclusion of all other opinions is not new. What is new in my lifetime is the absolute need to destroy those who think differently and the adoption of whatever nefarious justifications they can find to vilify those who don't agree.

I wasn't alive in the 1930s in Germany and there are few who still are who would be listened to but I knew a few refugees from slightly after those times and the stories they told were slightly reminiscent of what we see today.

It took a massive military mission to turn the world around that time, let's hope we can do it with reason this time but boy do we need to turn around.

Mark Simpson said...

Another article Chris where you have identified and articulated the world wide abandonment of such virtues as respect for different viewpoints and common decency. The fervour of today's progressives remind me of the demonic, destructive, mostly young, Red Guards of Mao's Cultural Revolution.

David George said...

Thank you Chris, an essay like this, sadly, takes some courage these days. If it's any consolation the irrepressible Dane Giraud has a similar take on things:

"Here, a high-profile activist just last week rejoiced in the cowardice of others, gleefully applauding the withdrawal of a women’s rights advocate from public events due to threats to her safety. The activist’s pride in this cravenness is not just local news but, according to this stinker, a “positive message” to broadcast globally. One shudders to think what degraded version of “positivity” is being promulgated.

The organized Left—once a bastion for free speech, equality, and social justice—has become drunk on the heady wine of identitarianism, losing its way in the maze of its own making. The politics of identity have eclipsed the quest for universal values, and in doing so, mutated into a grotesque facsimile of the very far-right extremism it purports to fight. The great irony lies here: In their incessant mission to highlight the pervasive evils they claim to battle, they have themselves become the embodiment of these forces."


David George said...

Politics does tend to attract some nasty types, compassion for the oppressed the perfect cover.
I can think of quite a few, past and present, that fit the bill but it's not always easy to identify the dark tetrad types - narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths.

Here's a very good discussion that will help understanding. 26 minutes well spent IMHO. https://youtu.be/6uNIfIe0wgE

Chris, I would dearly love to read your take on that fascinating interview.

John Hurley said...

The progressives are in cahoots with the property developers.
Riccarton Residents Association did a computer rendition of what 10 story tower block would look like. "Get over yourselves we need more houses". Who said that? Just a name but could just as easily be a leftist as a developer.
Riccarton used to have quarter acres for "people who work". It was the NZ standard space for everybody.
What people need to do is stand up and defend their right to recognition as a people with the right to determine how many people come here. The public have been trained to fear being called racist and politicians like Helen Clark plus the MSM were behind that.
It is something people are going to have to learn to disregard.

DS said...

Oh, it's been a thoroughly depressing Labour Government - one that probably deserves to lose on its own merits (or lack thereof). It's just that the Opposition parties literally want to take us back to Dickensian Squalor, with a decent dash of Race Baiting and anti-Enlightenment anti-vaxx Kookiness.

(Hint: the Winston Peters of 2023 is not the Winston Peters of 2017. And a National Government will be utterly at the mercy of both Winston and David Seymour. How do you think the proposed abolition of the Maori seats will go?).

The Barron said...

"Over the top? Barking mad?"


Khmer Rouge - an estimated 1.5 million (and possibly up to 2 million) Cambodians died and many of the country’s professional and technical class were exterminated.

Posie Parker protest - one man amongst thousands assaulted an elderly person, one woman threw soup on a speaker.

I cannot speak for the millions of Cambodian victims, or even the New Zealanders murdered, but I can imagine such confluence would be disturbing. I can look at Dame Silvia Cartwright's work on the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal and simply ponder the enormity of 21% of a nations population exterminated many more tortured, disabled or orphaned, and wonder how liminal gendered identity advocacy can be seen in the same article.

Albert Park was a legitimate protest. The numbers that found the fascist adjacent Posie Parker objectionable were high. Protest and Counter-Protest are factors within a free society. Within that, two people were arrested and face the legal consequences for going beyond that which is acceptable within a free society. Albert Park was not a Killing Field. Over the top and barking mad.

Brendan McNeill said...


I do appreciate your willingness to expose the weakness of your ‘side’ and to speak truthfully about the sorry state of today’s progressive parties. Imagine having politicians who shared a love for truth, men and women of deep personal integrity.

A handful of competence wouldn’t be missed either.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Mr Trotter, you have pretty much articulated my own feeling about Labour and the Greens. I have voted for one or other of them in the past, but my enthusiasm for the one died during the course of the Fourth Labour administration, and I pretty much had to hold my nose when voting for the other. I never could bring myself to vote Values, back in the day; and the Green Party had a distinct 'Values 2.0' look about it.

But never would I have anticipated the Green's lurch to the Right over the last few years. Yes, I call them Right Wing - scarcely to be differentiated from the other crowd(s) for their arrogance, and their prescriptive 'policy'. I've never accused them of being Left Wing (in the past seeing them more as centrist), but the puritanical demagoguery, their self-righteous, holier-than-thou dictatorialism is just nauseating.

Any Party that would give the prisons industry a leg-up for speech (and thought) they mislike is Right Wing in my book. I consider myself Left Wing, and I can tell you from where I stand, none of the political parties stand within cooee.

I am one of those who long since found himself with no one to vote for. Can't stomach ACT; wouldn't vote National to win a bet; Labour and Green disqualify themselves for their odious, hypocritical silliness.

This is what disenfranchisement feels like.
Ion A. Dowman

Chris Trotter said...

To: The Barron @ 00.36

The point of citing extreme examples, TB, is to dissuade one's society from persisting in a direction-of-travel terminating in a place enabling the same level of extremism.

You seem to be suggesting that we say and do nothing until we arrive in Cambodia circa 1975.

Now, who would counsel such a perverse course of action? One answer is, troublingly, someone who wants us to reach that destination.

John Hurley said...

Great moments in history (according to the MSM

The myth of good race relations becomes the myth of bad race relations.
The point being that ethnic groups surround themselves in myth and incorporate other ethnic groups and in One Hundred Crowded Years these are "our Maori"

Muldoon was out of touch with the new generation (Hilary voters). Essentially the media became a powerful tool of the elites to create John Lennon's Imagine.
Paul Spoonley who edited Tauiwi 1984, now is in charge of anti-terrorism.
"There are people whose ___ are deeply , deeply [human/normal] toxic".


David George said...

I don't think it's over the top, The Barron; things happen slowly, inch by inch, then, before you know it, you're living in a tyranny.
That clip I posted above explains some of the reasons we can never afford to be complacent over our freedom.
It is Canadian centric but there are strong similarities with what is going on here. The trucker protesters and their supporters had their bank accounts frozen and donations seized. Private corporations doing the governments illegal bidding not scary enough for you?

Just the other day "Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, who has spent years been persecuted by Trudeau's government for violating covid mandates, [he held church services] was just sentenced to 60 days in jail for the crime of "mischief" for giving a 10 minute speech to the Canadian trucker convoy". First they came for.........

Guerilla Surgeon said...

"Unfortunately, everybody who understands just how radical the Greens have become, also knows that the moment the votes are counted Shaw will be pushed aside and the party’s ultra-progressive priorities reclaimed from the backstage area and reinstated."

Evidence? This is pure speculation.

"radical ethnic nationalism, censorship, transgenderism"

I you have adopted more conservative buzzwords Chris. I've no idea what "transgenderism" is, but judging by some of the more right-wing US nut jobs who go on about it all the time I can guess.

And censorship? The government is censoring people? Who? Surely not Posy Parker, if they had, she wouldn't have been allowed into the country. Or if they'd allowed her into the country, she wouldn't have been allowed to speak. It was private citizens that stopped her from speaking, and of course her lack of security. Although to be fair the police take some of the blame for that. Anyone who wants to deny human rights to a section of society deserves to be shouted down.

And comparing New Zealand to the Cambodian genocide trivialises it in my view. We haven't even got to the stage of the 1951 waterfront lockout yet and I doubt we will. That incidentally, certainly wasn't a progressive government.

Artur Pawlowski – as far as I can see he broke the law. Aren't you people supposed to be in favour of law and order? Although to be fair given that he broke Covid mandates, and quite possibly caused people to die – I'd be happy if we took this to the level of personal responsibility and he was prosecuted for manslaughter? Would you be happy then David?
You may have noticed that he faces other charges including the destruction of infrastructure.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

Honestly, all over the world right-wing governments are actually taking steps to impose authoritarianism if not fascism on various countries often using the race card, just as Hitler did – and yet we sit around here discussing the Greens for gods sake as if they are the next iteration of Pol Pot.

If you want to talk about censorship, why not mention the right-wing government of Poland which has made it illegal to suggest that polls aided the Nazis with the Holocaust?

In Turkey it is illegal to insult the president.

In Hungary the government is conducting surveillance on journalists, and there are restrictions on the right to strike.

In parts of the US 10 year old rape victims are forced to deliver babies, and women with an viable foetuses are forced to take them to full term.

And yet none of the right-wing commenters here deign to discuss any of this – I suspect because most of them approve.

There has been a definite loss of freedom in many countries – the number of countries where freedom has improved is way behind the number where it has declined, global freedom has declined for the last 17 years, and it's almost entirely right-wing governments that are doing this.

Inequality is rising as well. And that's a problem in New Zealand as well as the rest of the world, because inequality causes instability. We have entered a Gilded Age at the instigation of neoliberal economists and their political servants.

I admit it's not been a particularly exciting election, but for god's sake our problems – particularly with the Greens who have never really got a great deal out of the Labour Party and almost certainly never will more's the pity – are minuscule in comparison.

Olivia Pierson said...

Outstanding piece Chris!
You absolutely nailed it.
Thank you!

The Barron said...

Cambodia, leading to 1975 -
French colonial occupation, Japanese occupation, absolute monarchy, Vietnam Cong occupation of border, American carpet bombing, military coup, civil war...

NZ 2023 -
Two boring blokes named Chris trading platitudes and a debate mediator using the election as a audition for Seven Sharp.

Yep, the similarities are eerie.

Graham Hill said...

The malevolent Maoist malcontents captured succinctly. Lenin opined it was necessary to lie. The hatred of this world, and the target groups who are nullified by them, is theologically is testament to the Marxist gnostic heresy (for Marx was a believer) and the hyperreal unreality (eg transgender ideology) that progressives adhere to: see Dr James Lindsay's New Discourses website. Once seen this way it cannot be unseen.

The Barron said...

Chris posed the question as to whether it was over the top and I answered in the affirmative. We have seen that even in the ACT Party using Holocaust compassion to vaccine mandates is disqualifying to national office, yet other genocides seem acceptable compassion. I consider this hypocritical cultural relativism that devalues the scale, suffering and immediacy of a people.
As for freedom, the freedom to protest has been a cornerstone of progressive and labour movements. The suggestion to limit this, while endorsing Canadian truckers protest seems an inconsistent world view.

Anonymous said...

CT says....
Now, who would counsel such a perverse course of action? One answer is, troublingly, someone who wants us to reach that destination.

You mean to say you do not know?

David George said...

Seriously GS, 60 days in prison for speaking to protestors is OK with you?

Graham Hill said...

Since writing the above I have come across this by Chris Rufo on Pathocracy. The video is short. Mention of the Long House is noteworthy. https://christopherrufo.com/p/the-cluster-b-society?r=mro9v#play

Anonymous said...

Albert Park was not counter protest. The Trand Lobby was intolerant to letting an opposing view be heard. They used fear, intimidation and violence. None of which is acceptable in a ‘Free Society’

The Barron said...

It was a protest. All protests are to put forward a narrative and oppose a narrative. Intolerance of rugby tours, nuclear ships, wars, student fees etc are no different in showing opposition and often disruption to what is objected to.
Two, of thousands, have faced charges. If you are accusing a person or group of conspiracy to violence you need more than polemic language.

The Barron said...

Anon, I will add that if you think the trans community are perpetrators of violence and intimidation rather than one of the most victimized sectors which has suffered violence and intimidation disproportionate to even other minority groups, I would suggest you're motivated by prejudice not fact.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

I think it was a little more than merely speaking to protesters David. I think you're being a little disingenuous here. Not to mention that conservatives are supposed to be for Law and Order right? Until it doesn't suit them and they do things like try to annul an election. Amazing how – well not amazing no – you people are all 4 demonstrators when they demonstrating for some ridiculous idea you support, but someone demonstrating against the killing of black youth in America by the police are somehow beyond the pale.

Christopher Rufo was one of those – a prominent one of those who has contributed to the world going mad, by starting a moral panic about critical race. He's the last person who should be talking about reasoned debate – he is an outright liar. And I have the bibliography to prove it.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

Chris – I realise that you like me, are disappointed at the disappearance of class-based left activism and ideology, which has become to some extent supplanted by identity politics which you seem to have a visceral hatred for. But when you think about it, class-based politics, although it did something for Maori for instance and women – economic layer at least – did very little for them otherwise. It didn't get women the vote. Maori are still bottom of the economic pile and fare badly in the health system among other things. It didn't do anything about land that was stolen from them, or help them preserve their language.
You can't – Marx notwithstanding – put everything down to economics and class. The problems Maori and women had (and for that matter black/brown people in the US) transcended class, and still do. In fact given that unions pretty much excluded black people in the US, you could argue that class-based politics hindered civil rights and economic development.
So until you get some form of class-based politics that does something for minority groups other than perhaps give them a bit of extra money, you're going to have identity politics. Perhaps it's time you learned to live with it, or agitated for some way of fixing the problems without it.

Shane McDowall said...

Actually GS, Pasifika are at the bottom of New Zealand's economic pile. Lowest median income, lowest median net worth.

Though, in fairness, Maori are more likely to bash infants to death than Pasifika.

Given that about 90% of victims and perpetrators of infant murder are Maori, I think it is fair to ask what the Maori solution to this Maori problem is.

Several months ago, I emailed the website of Te Pati Maori to ask what their Maori solution to this Maori problem was.

Strangely, they have yet to reply.

The Barron said...

To conclude my comments to this post, I did some basic google research. Transgender people in Cambodia, like most of Southeast Asia, have traditional identities roles and tolerance. Not surprising, under the Khmer Rouge they were unable to maintain their trans identities. Many killed or tortured, while others forced into conventional marriages where further harm could be inflicted unless reports showed sexual activity within that marriage. Like all other minority groups, they faced the regime's forced conformity or death. Many chose suicide. Today, there are laws protecting sexual practice but no legal recognition of non-binary or trans identity. There are discriminatory and violence concerns in society and institutions.

There are no doubts that the Killing Fields fits the obvious definition of genocide, however, within the UN definitions is cultural genocide of defined minority groups. In this, there has been attempts at extinguishing the identity and practice of that minority group. It is not difficult to conclude that Cambodia's trans identities and communities suffered both types of genocide and the traditional place in society is still recovering almost half a century later.

"... citing extreme examples" requires a degree of empathy to avoid the exploitation of suffering.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

I can't say for sure Shane, and like most of your stuff I can't be bothered researching it – but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that people who had their culture stripped from them abuse their kids at a higher rate than people who haven't. Which is possibly why Pacifika people don't.

Tom Hunter said...

From another blog, Chris Trotter: 'honest but deluded':

Political commentator Chris Trotter has always been at the 'honest but deluded' end of the socialist spectrum. That is, he honestly wants material wealth, human progress, free speech, and social freedoms, but he is yet to understand that socialism doesn't deliver any of that -- that the essential nature of socialism is not the "equality" it allegedly strives for, but the need for armed robbery to establish and maintain it. The impossibility of socialism's goals inspires the coercion needed to achieve them.

Your ideology is breaking down under the weight of "scientific" facts about how humans interact. The breakdown from class warfare to identity politics warfare (essentially tribes new and old) was inevitable as is also its further fracturing.

As far as self-delusion is concerned one small aspect of the Khmer Rouge disaster was their killing of Scottish Communist and journalist Malcolm Caldwell, who had fully supported their revolution despite all the death. But it was when word reached him of the KR killing peasants that he allowed that it might be "..a token of fascism.". Heh. And with one magical wave of the gun barrel "good" communism was turned into "bad" fascism.

DS said...

Chris – I realise that you like me, are disappointed at the disappearance of class-based left activism and ideology, which has become to some extent supplanted by identity politics which you seem to have a visceral hatred for. But when you think about it, class-based politics, although it did something for Maori for instance and women – economic layer at least – did very little for them otherwise. It didn't get women the vote. Maori are still bottom of the economic pile and fare badly in the health system among other things. It didn't do anything about land that was stolen from them, or help them preserve their language.

Most poor people in New Zealand are, of course, Pakeha. Though the notion that they and dirt-poor Maori might have more in common with each other than either do with their respective Pakeha and Maori elites is basically the antithesis of modern Identity Politics.

As for Women's Suffrage: I would point out that it was a heavily middle-class movement, especially in Britain.

sumsuch said...

Mixing in the back of my 'heid' is how the identity politics you dislike, for good reason, would in another age, extend to Maori. 'Keep quiet just until the 180th anniversary of the conquest, buds'.

It should be one of our major points, the renewed intense neglect of the neediest (Maori) from 84 on.

You have a beautiful rolling rhetoric in speech and writing. When attacked in person you lack the vehement vitriolic virtuosity needed to prove our right cause. And, smash the fucker's face into the wall. Like any real Lefty worth their salt.

Nah, we can't all do that. Well, actually, none of us for 90 years. We lost our squirt many a long year ago. We're hopeless. Without that verbal violence the people's cause is lost.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

"As for Women's Suffrage: I would point out that it was a heavily middle-class movement, especially in Britain."

Wrong. As usual working class women tended to be written out of the histories. But there are journal articles at least as early as 1967 explaining their involvement in Suffrage, largely through trade unions but not always. When arrested they got treated a damn sight worse than the daughter of Lord Lytton for instance, who had to disguise herself as a maid in order to be treated badly.


"Most poor people in New Zealand are, of course, Pakeha."

Of course – most people in New Zealand are Pakeha. It's the proportions that matter. And while they have many of the same economic problems, as I explained some Maori problems are different.

Jesus time I wish you would stop conflating social democrats with communism. Makes just as much sense to call you a Nazi.

Shane McDowall said...

GS, You do not have to do any research. Just read your local paper, watch the 6pm TV news,or listen to RNZ National.

I am Maori, something I have made clear more than once on this blog. So I can say whatever I want about my own people.

And my connections to Te Ao Maori are very close. My mother was a native speaker of the Maori language. Not surprising, given that she was born in 1927 when all Maori spoke Maori.

Her father used to beat the crap out of her in an attempt to get her to stop speaking Maori. She had a part of her culture stripped away from her, yet she did not bash any infants to death.

Hate to say it, but Maori are way more likely to bash infants to death than any other ethnic group.

It is a sad fact and I do not blame this horror on lame arse excuses like 'having their culture stripped away'.

Defective dna and even more defective 'parenting' are more likely explanations.

sumsuch said...

Tom Hunter, socialism hasn't been in major play since the 70s.Referring to Cambodia has nothing to do with democratic socialism. What's breaking down is the rich people's thing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Trotter, this is the succinct, astute appraisal I've been waiting for. You nailed it.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

"GS, You do not have to do any research."

Yes you do. You can't get to the root of any problem by reading the local newspapers.

Shane McDowall said...


You do not have to do any research on information that is publicly available. The military calls it 'open source intelligence'.

The fact that Maori make up a disproportionate percentage of both the victims and perpetrators of child murder are Maori is publically available information.You do not need to do a PhD thesis on the topic.

You might want to check out the website of 'For The Sake Of Our Children Trust'.

Since 1990, 58 children have been murdered and 35 of them were Maori.You do the math.

If poverty was the only reason for these appalling statistics, then Pasifika - who are economically even more disadvantaged than Maori - should have a much higher rate of child murder.

Shane McDowall said...

And, yes, my claim that Maori accounted for 90% of the victims and perpetrators of infant homicides is clearly erroneous.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

No Shane, it wasn't necessarily erroneous, but it says absolutely nothing about the reasons for it – and you don't know them – or at least you can't find amount from the local paper.

Shane McDowall said...


Actually, I do have a reason for the high number of murders of Maori infants.

The breakdown of the family unit, and the casual acceptance of premarital pregnancy among poor Maori.

Most of these deaths are attributable to "step fathers" and boyfriends.

The Pasifika rate is lower, in spite of their greater poverty, because their strong religious beliefs act as a break on premarital pregnancy and casual relationships.

Maori children are simply more exposed to adults who do not really care about them.

It has nothing to do with just "being Maori" as some racists assume.