Wednesday 9 December 2009

Two Deletions and an Apology

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

FOR THE SECOND TIME, since I began this blog, I have deleted material which, upon reflection, I decided should never have been published. On both occasions the deleted postings have targeted Lew at Kiwipolitico.

Clearly, both of us push buttons in the other that should probably remain unpushed.

The blogosphere, sadly, lends itself to intemperate and angry exchanges. The sheer ease with which material can be composed and published – without the intervention of sub-editors or editors, whose experience and sagacity would otherwise prevent the inevitable heartache and embarrassment that follows the unrestrained expression of an outsized ego – is one of the new medium’s greatest perils.

Lew is, of course, free to do as he wishes, but for my part I truly regret my actions in crudely personalising issues which should have been discussed dispassionately, and without rancor.

I offer to Lew my sincere apologies for any and all hurtful aspersions which I have cast upon his character over the past few days, and have, as I say, removed the offending material as a gesture both of atonement and goodwill.

There are few enough intelligent men and women willing to engage in the important debates of our time, without reducing their number through vituperation and abuse.


Pablo said...

Good move Chris. Lew is a big hearted and tall thinking person, so the more you guys engage constructively the better for all of us.

bk drinkwater said...

Classy and gracious. I'm impressed.

Thomas Beagle said...

Good on you and well said.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done Mr Trotter.

You might as well direct your artillery toward your natural enemies rather than your natural friends.

Tiger Mountain said...

Full marks Chris, a circuit breaker was needed. It is somewhat uplifting also that such heat was generated by matters of philosophy as applied to current political events.

Anonymous said...

Well done that man. Classy, even :)

Lew said...

Chris, thank you. I genuinely appreciate your apology and withdrawal, and I apologise for my share of venom. Again, I hope there lies before us the prospect of constructive engagement.

As previously, I don't believe in altering the historical record -- such as it is -- by deleting posts. What's said is said, and while I might regret it, I'm not going to pretend I didn't say it. But I will prominently disclaim my latest and remove its contents from the main page on KP. I also have another, more considered, post underway on the same topic -- of internecine struggle as part of the engine of politics, and the extent to which it can be useful. It probably won't be up until the weekend, but I hope that it will reflect better on both of us than the previous exchanges have, and I would welcome your thoughts on it.

Lewis Stoddart

Chris Trotter said...

Thank you, Lew. I look forward to reading your next posting - because you are right, conflict can be very fruitful. Let's both work together for a bountiful progressive harvest.

Steelykc said...

Well thank god for that....for a while I was really enjoying your different points and opinions but got sick of it yesterday. Well done Chris, surely this sort of re assesment is what makes us human.....?

Lyn W said...

Well done guys! Please keep up the debate now boundaries have been reset as I find it all very interesting and thought provoking.

SeaJay said...

For goddsakes harden up Trotter!
Cut and thrust! cut and thrust! Jolly japes and by gollies all round.
I thought Lew was a chick.

Anonymous said...

Will you be using a reaping hook or scythe when bountifully harvesting those progressives, Chris? ;)

For the record, I think your analysis of Labour blocs has ignored the 'timeserver' bloc - though that may be what you mean by the 'identity' (gay, feminist, union, etc) blocs. Labour is riddled with timeserver MPs and candidates who do little noteworthy if elected. Staggering laziness and incompetence do not appear to be impediments to their continued reselection and feeding at the trough... Sad, really.