Friday 10 December 2021

Keeping Out The Virus Of Racism.

Your Pathologies Are Not Wanted Here: In the face of Covid’s dangers, Pakeha New Zealanders have readily conceded the need to surrender many of the civil rights they would otherwise defend with vigour. They have done this to keep themselves and others safe. For iwi organisations to ask that their people be equally protected is, surely, not unreasonable?

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT within the borders of one’s own country is an important human right – and not one to be revoked lightly. Erecting road-blocks on public highways, and subjecting travellers to close official scrutiny, is deemed tolerable by most citizens, but only for the purposes of preserving public safety.

Few people would object to the Police checkpoints set up to catch drunk drivers. Aware of the carnage caused by people driving while intoxicated, most of us are willing to endure a few minutes of inconvenience for the greater good. Likewise with those road-blocks set up in civil emergencies to protect travellers from fire, flood and earthquake. In such circumstances, with rescue services stretched to the limit, it is simply not rational to allow travellers to put themselves, and others, at unnecessary risk.

Why then are we hearing so many loud objections to the idea of road-blocks being erected jointly by the Police and iwi organisations to protect vulnerable Māori communities in Northland, Taranaki and Tai Rawhiti (the East Coast of the North Island)? What is it about this particular limitation of New Zealanders’ freedom to travel that generates such vociferous responses?

Apart from the depressingly obvious.

Perhaps the first point to make is that these Police/iwi roadblocks are legally mandated. Legislating under urgency in November, the Government changed Covid laws to grant iwi organisations the power to close roads and public places and stop vehicles. But only, it is important to note, with the co-operation and under the supervision of a Police officer or officers.

Clearly, the arguments put forward by Māori communities found attentive ears among New Zealand’s parliamentarians. With the awful precedent of the 1918-19 Influenza Epidemic before them, how could it be otherwise? The two thousand Māori fatalities attributed to the deadly “Spanish Flu” were out of all proportion to the indigenous population. Is it so surprising that, in the midst of another global pandemic, Māori are determined to avoid a similar catastrophe?

Why, then, are so many Pakeha so angry? Why, in particular, has the Act Party felt entitled to inflame matters? As someone who was in Parliament when the legislation was being passed, what has prompted the Act Party leader, David Seymour, to declare:

“Labour has snuck a law through Parliament letting iwi run checkpoints. Our weak PM has surrendered basic rights. The Police Commissioner, rather than upholding the law, has given into demands of iwi. Kiwis have a right to move around the country without being stopped by thugs.”

Let’s pick apart this extraordinary statement. Because, astonishingly, just about everything Seymour alleges is false. No basic rights have been surrendered by the Prime Minister. On the contrary, the right of Māori New Zealanders to be protected from possible infection by visitors to their isolated communities has been upheld. Nor is it the case that the Police Commissioner, Andrew Coster, has failed in his duty to uphold the law. As we have already established, these Police/iwi roadblocks, erected for the preservation of public safety, are entirely legal. And while it is perfectly true that “Kiwis have a right to move around the country without being stopped by thugs”, set in the context of the Act leader’s entire statement, that sentence can only be described as racially inflammatory.

Is it really the case that Parliament and the Police have “given in to iwi demands”? Doesn’t the Third Article of the Treaty of Waitangi confer upon Māori the same rights and privileges as all other “British subjects”. In the face of Covid’s dangers, Pakeha New Zealanders have readily conceded the need to surrender many of the civil rights they would otherwise defend with vigour. They have done this to keep themselves and others safe. For iwi organisations to ask that their people be equally protected is, surely, not an unreasonable “demand”?

To describe those operating these roadblocks as “thugs” is the final insult. As if any group of Māori daring to stop the driver of a monstrous SUV and question him concerning his intentions in their traditional tribal territories – their “rohe” – must ipso facto be common criminals – “thugs”.

Just pause for a moment and contemplate the extraordinary sense of racial entitlement behind such indignation: the brutal assumption of superiority; the shameless assertion of privilege.

Erecting roadblocks against all such intrusions of unabashed Pakeha racism is, surely, long overdue?

This essay was originally published in The Otago Daily Times and The Greymouth Star of Friday, 10 December 2021.


DS said...

Frankly, as a Pakeha, I'm inclined to cheer the checkpoints on. In fact, I'd prefer it if all communities (not just iwi) had the right to arrange such checkpoints this summer, in the interests of limiting the spread of the virus as much as possible. This was the rationale behind the mooted sealing off of the South Island, after all - a notion that would still probably have majority South Island support outside Queenstown.

Sure, internal travel is a right, but public health takes priority, and, honestly, unnecessary travel strikes me as decidedly selfish in the circumstances - tantamount to claiming that your right to travel is more important than the health of others. People ought to be encouraged to stay local for the next few months, vaccinated or not.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

There are many reasons other than your suggested 'racism' to object to this development. Just one (as other commentators will undoubtedly provide others) Why is Northland special? Other regions have low vaccination rates and travel in and out of these areas is not being impeded.

Jack Scrivano said...

Chris, I suspect that part of the problem may be that the first that those who are now crying foul heard of the checkpoints was of iwi saying that they were going to do it to protect their people – with the subtext of ‘Bugger you, whitey!’ Once again, Princess Fairy Dust and her little band of elves made a hash of the communication.

CXH said...

There is only a police presence because the iwi involved were going to do it, with or without them.

As for the racist part, perhaps the fact that iwi can set them up, pasifica can do it, but try and get permission as a white or Asian group.

While it is a step to far to call them thugs, what do you call a group that are happy to defy the law. One that claims they are more important than others. One that defines its membership purely on a racial scale.

No one should be able to close off public roads, sadly our government and police have quietly acquiesced to such behaviour.

Perhaps Hone could put as much effort into getting those he is so concerned about vaxed. This I would fully support,but breaking the law on the pretense of caring, all to get his name in print, no way.

oneblokesview said...

Sadly disingenuous argument Chris.
So many red herrings a sto look like a shoal of mis information

If I didnt know better I would have said this was a troll post.

Gerrit said...

Awhile back I made a comment on one of your posts that when the state law enforcement officers no longer are able to keep the peace, it would see the formation of local fiefdoms and war lords. Your comment was plausible but hopefully no to occur.

It has now occurred not just in Northland but the East Coast as well Who will stop the spread? Certainly not the state politicised police force.

How long before road block prevent Northland and East Coast people from leaving their area?

Race wars are about to erupt.

You single out Pakeha, forgetting about the total 23% of the population neither Maori nor Pakeha. How long before you need to pass a Chinese manned road block to get into Howick? How long before you need to pass a road block manned by East Africans to get the Mt Roskill? How long before you need to pass a road block manned by South Africans to get to the North Shore.

There are only 12,000 police in New Zealand compared with 21,000 in Victoria. Hopelessly undermanned they are and unable to do the state's bidding, and led by a woke management team.

Not going to end well.

Dickeys on the Loose said...

Thought you had more between your ears Chris.
Go out and spent more of the money the horse paid you talk such crap

Joe Carbery said...

Very well reasoned and reasonable article. The analogy with road-blocks to breathalyze drivers is very apt.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point Chris; this is little different than "Masseys Cossacks" (which sad history I know you are well familiar with) & could be easily read as repeating.


The Barron said...

Kelvin Davis was right to suggest that the reaction to the Te Tai Tokerau is of racist origin. I find myself wondering if the Pacific Ocean namesake, Tokelau (also sovereign New Zealand territory), had made public health restrictions and enforced them with the cooperation of NZ authorities whether any similar comment would be made. It is difficult to imagine the same people demanding their right to holiday over the needs and wishes of the indigenous.

We carry this further, the average New Zealander would hesitate booking a holiday if they had been forewarned that a hotel was operating against the wishes of the ingenious anywhere in the Pacific. Indeed, there would seem few places the NZ tourist would choose to deliberately impose themselves over indigenous rights and welfare. The Kiwi traveler has some knowledge and respect for the indigenous, yet, they do not apply that at home.

Davis was right to term this racism, but to really understand he might look at the whakapapa of his surname. There is a particular English view of colonisation and conquest that comes with an arrogant sense of entitlement over the rights of those seen to have been subjugated. Through the later part of the 20th Century Welsh nationalists did not want he English holiday homes in North Wales. This had numerous negative affects upon the Welsh villages and re-emerging cultural renaissance.

Most people, when told they are not wanted by the traditional people, respect that view. Imposing yourself over this would seem the ultimate in arrogance. The burning of the odd holiday home was the modern expression of the villagers with pitchforks and torches. But still they came. The Nationalist concerns were confirmed when Wales voted Brexit by a narrow margin. Analysis showed the pro-Brexit vote was carried by transplanted English retirees.

It is a shame that many in NZ have inherited this neo-colonialism. It is the view that those considered colonized have no right to limit the control of the colonizer. It is a particular unsavory flavour of English racism that we have yet to vanquish from our national character.

Seymour's reductionist use of 'thugs' for those having a dedication to the well-being of families and community shows the language of the neo-colonialist. The diminishing an issue of Iwi and State cooperation on public safety to a dog whistle. We should never forget, his fear is that the Police / Iwi roadblocks will work and save lives. What an insidious little man.

Barry said...

The first matter concerns the capacity of Police. If they need the help of Iwi and Maori wardens and Pacifica Wardens and ‘Community Patrollers’ then one has to conclude that here in New Zealand the Police do not have enough resources. They could call on the armed services as MIQ has done – but maybe the MIQ demands have depleted the Armed Services resources. In which case the Armed Services do not have enough resources. (One of the main reason to have Armed Services is for use during civil emergencies. For example the Armey used to be the only repository of knowledge about how to assemble Bailey bridges. They don’t actually have that knowledge now – it being decided by someone that Bailey bridges are no longer needed….. You will recall how in recent years bridges that have been washed away have not been replaced by Bailey bridges and those isolated have had to put up with cross country tracks for months or years or no access at all).
In terms of real emergencies Covid is not highly ranked at all. If a volcano decide to wake up in the middle of Auckland or if Wellington had a size 8 or larger earthquake then they would be REAL emergencies – and its obvious that the combined resources of the Police and the Armed services would be unhelpful.

If the argument that Northland needs to be kept partially isolated holds water, then there should be similar road checks at many other places around New Zealand beside Northland and the East Coast. Murapara, some suburbs of South and West Auckland, Waitara, etc. But there is no sign of them. It is thus arguable that Government have ‘given in’ to northland iwi.

Next – I wonder what the reaction would be if some towns and suburbs wanted protection from unvaccinated Maori or Pacifica people on the basis that they are high proportion carries of Covid. After all the figures show that half of those in hospital with Covid are either Maori or Pacifica – so its no more unreasonable to ask for protection against them as Northland are asking for protection against incoming Aucklanders. In fact the basis of protection against incoming Maori and Pacifica is a more justifiable request. If Remuera or Whitianga, or Christchurch asked for roadblocks the media would have a hernia and some (no not everyone) would scream Racism.

You mention that the roadblocks have been blessed by Parliament but you have missed at least one aspect.
The law about police roadblocks for alcohol or speeding say that ‘you must stop when indicated by a police person’ or words to that effect. You DO NOT HAVE TO STAY STOPPED. Yes – it can develop into a bit of a game of stop/start until one party or the other gives up, but that’s what the law says and its been satisfactory.
The Covid road block legislation has that little bit extra added – you must stop, AND STAY STOPPED UNTIL INDICATED THAT YOU CAN PROCEED. I can see that in some cases being told by Hone to produce your Covid pass and to stay stopped until “I tell you to proceed’ will not have the outcome some would hope for………..

But I see the biggest impact of this policy is the damage it will do to Northland Maori and Maori in general.
After being told mostly by Maori leaders that they cant achieve and now being told again by Maori leaders and the Government and its agencies that they cant organize their lives well enough to get vaccinated it will not be surprising if Maori start to believe it and live as though they cant do or achieve anything. Its got nothing to do with racism – its all about expectation.
If you tell people that they can achieve at the highest level you will find that they usually do – but if you tell them that they are hopeless and cant achieve then they will end up total failures.
Ask any teacher about expectation.

matt.c said...

The Auklanders will be moving from one red zone to a other red zone. The government has stated they are the same.
How can you possibly justify road blocks. It's the same as having road blocks between Ponsonby and Otara.
There is a race card eing played here but its by the Labour caucus

Trev1 said...

The roadblocks were authorized by legislation hurriedly passed under urgency with no public scrutiny. The government has effectively empowered race-based vigilantes who are using the COVID issue to assert their control over various regions. The government's actions are a bad day for race relations and incredibly foolhardy.

John Hurley said...

Michael Cullen's legislation was, in effect, a renationalisation of the foreshore and seabed on behalf of the whole nation – Maori and Pakeha.
The Maori Party, the ACT Party, and (to their shame) the Greens, in calling for the act's repeal, are, in reality, calling for the privatisation of large parts of the New Zealand coastline.
Should Mr Key's latest outreach to some of the most strident advocates of Maori nationalism, therefore, be read as a coded signal to their supporters that National is now ready to join them in privatising the foreshore and seabed?
If this is, indeed, National's intention, Mr Key's new-found allies from the Maori nationalist movement have pulled off an extraordinary political coup.
By convincing the National Party leader that the foreshore and seabed issue is nothing more than a dispute over property law, they have opened the way to a much more radical application of indigenous rights.
For who can dispute that, at one time, the entire geographical entity we call New Zealand was the property of Maori collectivities?
And, if they have a customary right to New Zealand's beaches, then why not its rivers, estuaries, swamps, lakes, forests and everything else?
I suspect National Party voters see things a little differently.
In greeting Mr Iti so warmly at Waitangi, has Mr Key taken his campaign for the Maori Party's support a hongi too far?

PS What do you think Professor Spoonly means when he says "Pakeha will loose hegemony". "Ah perhaps there's a better word". "Hegemony".

How does a minority gain hegemony over a majority without deceit?

Kit Slater said...

I’m predicting an increase in arrogant assertiveness, a product of moral relativism, societal fragmentation, identity politics, and the death of meta-narratives. This would be an example, sanctioned by government acquiescence.

Pete said...

I can only hope you wrote this with tongue in cheek .

David George said...

If the treatment meted out to my daughter during the first lockdown (a young mum on here own on her way into town for the family groceries) by the strutting psychopath that accosted her, (or the terrified and traumatised elderly couple that locked themselves in their car at the same location) is any indication then the descriptor "thugs" is entirely appropriate.

I'm not taken in by this nonsense about the Spanish flu, this is just an excuse for Hone and his henchmen to play out their ethno nationalist fantasies. Shame on the PM & Co for indulging them.

Anonymous said...

Fine. How would you feel then about non-Maori setting up roadblocks against Maori..??
Same thing exactly isnt it..? Most of us will forego civil liberties for the greater public good. However you forget that these 'disadvantaged' communities haven't bothered to get vaxed to the extent of the rest of us have, if there is any danger then perhaps the most danger will be from the roadblocks themselves, not the travellers, after all, we have been vaxed or had recent tests.
I have a bach up north, it has been broken into, windows smashed and had big items removed by the very locals that are too lazy or irresponsible get vaxed and I cannot, until Wednesday, get up there to assess the damage and effect repairs myself, because the locals have the right to man roadblocks where the rest of us do not have that right. It is all based on race, they are not heroes defending their patch, they are govt sanctioned thugs exerting their new found authority even though it is the 85% of the general public that pay their way in life. I think that's just plain racist.There is not much hope for you mate with an attitude like that. What the hell is wrong with your thinking..? Typical media.

Tom Hunter said...

It does need to be pointed out that none of this would be necessary had the Maori up North reached the government's target of 90% vaccination. In fact Maori have in the senior age brackets, where it's as good as any other ethnicity.

The problem is the Maori age cohort aged 20-35, and what did you say about the unvaccinated a few weeks ago in Putting On The Armour Of Covid Righteousness:

After all, the proudly vaccine resistant – the so-called “anti-vaxxers” – cannot even point to a brutalised upbringing in poverty as the explanation for their selfishness. In the avowed and proud anti-vaxxer, the state is confronted with the sort of reckless solipsism that it is actually dangerous to ignore. The sort of people who make fake bookings at a vaccination centre in a deliberate attempt to sabotage the system should not be forgiven – they should be punished.

My goodness! How tough-sounding that was - until it turned out to be younger Maori. Now instead, it's going to be the Other who will be punished for the "sins" of the vaccine-hesitant, and with the full approval of the government. Truly as that other Napoleon said: ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’.

The Barron said...

A bizarre number of postings seem to believe that the roadblocks are Maori turning away non-Maori. This just shows the mentality of those contributors. It is about Iwi and Hapu protecting their rohe and communities. The roadblocks are a check against an influx of unvaccinated outsiders. This includes Maori that are not tangata whenua to the area, and is also a check on Iwi and Hapu unvaccinated members who do not usually reside within the rohe and communities.

It is very self-indulgent of those posting to think it is all about the Pakeha.

Flaneuse said...

Two excellent and well reasoned posts from The Barron - thank you. There seems to be willful blindness to the fact that the people in the areas where the road blocks have been set up have been some of the most targeted in terms of disinformation by those who peddle disinformation - such as Steve Bannon's rubbish via Counterspin (Kevyn Alp) and other organised groups (often containing known far right supporters and neo nazis, and assorted others from the "wellness" community). The disinformation is targeted specifically at indigenous communities for obvious reasons. I'm glad Hone and others in the various Iwi groups are standing up for the people of the region - and at the same time working tirelessly to increase the vaccination rate.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaat ..... road blocks manned by quasi cops and faux police.... its not a matter of what the f...
Its purely a matter of monkey see... monkey do.

Gerrit said...

The Baron, Makes no sense to lock covid infected people out of an area but to let people from that area, leave to head south to the petri dish of covid called Auckland.

I call your argument, that it was to protect vulnerable people from Aucklanders, rubbish. For the road blocks will do nothing to protect the people if those same people can freely travel to Auckland. They will have a nice sticker on their car to be waved through the road blocks, free to carry covid in from points south and infect their peers.

I guess the 83% will Still get the blame for spreading covid to the vulnerable. Did Hone not break to last self imposed border to travel to Auckland?

David George said...

The Barron: "believe that the roadblocks are Maori turning away non-Maori. This just shows the mentality of those contributors"

In the first lock down, given the controversy, unpopularity or, at least, inconvenience you would expect the road blockers to be at pains to ensure they treated the public with understanding, courtesy and impartiality. You would be wrong. Let's hope the mandated presence of the police this time ensures things are handled a a lot more reasonably.

I think there's a good chance that some of the protagonists go rogue and begin illegally blocking off certain Northland beaches - possibly Matauri Bay and Cape Karikari for example. These are popular destinations for Northland locals and a present a real chance of violent confrontation. What happens when a bunch of unvaxxed Kaikohe Maoris are prevented from having a day at the beach?

The Barron said...

Gerrit "I call your argument" - perhaps you needed research before posting. Something simple, like actually reading the legislators reasons for putting this in place and the Police and Iwi / Hapu processes. It is not my argument, but an attempt to explain. The specified reason behind the legislation is to prevent an influx of unvaccinated people that do not reside in the area. It is my understanding that checks on both sides of Auckland require vaccinated status or recent Covid19 test. This could include locals, but the primary reason for the checks is to limit unvaccinated none residents.

David: I know you have some personal experience and I do not wish to dismiss that, however, I think that it is worth acknowledging that the Iwi and Hapu motivation is that of protecting families and communities. People are freely giving their own time and resources because of the view that many in the rohe have vulnerable health statistics and vaccination rates are low. It is a community spirit that we have seen in South Auckland amongst Pasifika down to Southland farmer groups taking a bus to the rural isolated. When the history is written about the NZ Covid19 response there will be unsung heroes in may communities. Those Iwi and Hapu members and organizers in the north serve their communities with whanaungatanga and mana. We should all be proud of those throughout the country ensuring the well-being of our people.

Tom: The road checks are in place as part of a dual strategy of vaccinating the communities while keeping unvaccinated no-residents out. Unfortunately, many have been subjected to misinformation and a roll-out program that prioritized age. This meant that at each age level, there were less examples of vaccinated friends and family that had preceded. Without the older role models, disinformation was easier to ferment. I won't comment further because I found your contribution incomprehensible. If you are accusing young Maori of sabotaging vaccination programs (which is my best attempt at comprehension) I hope you will name individuals and not simply express crap.

David George said...

Breaking news: PM Ardern now assures the public (see yesterdays 4pm broadcast from the podium of truth) that "iwi border patrol" have no legitimate right to demand documentation from the travelling motorists and their passengers.
So what's changed, what is their role and what's up with the need for the enabling legislation in the first place?

Tom Hunter said...

Unfortunately, many have been subjected to misinformation...

Yes, you and others have been very keen on this; the secret influence of American anti-vaxxers on young Maori. Naturally I've seen no evidence, let alone proof. For all you know it's been domestic anti-vaxxers with influence, possibly Maori.

... and a roll-out program that prioritized age.

As with all other ethnic groups, and even in that context, Maori of all ages have been the focus of an unprecedented out-reach by government and private groups ahead of other ethnic groups. Ardern and Labour have been desperate to avoid the lash of accusations of racism, paternal and otherwise, at least judging from the proclamations of prominent Labour Maori leaders and influencers.

Even then it might have been a reasonable excuse a few months ago but by now, if young Maori are not yet vaccinated it's not because they haven't had the choice or heard the message or had the opportunity. It's because they've chosen not to.

If you are accusing young Maori of sabotaging vaccination programs (which is my best attempt at comprehension) I hope you will name individuals and not simply express crap.

My "accusation" was merely our host's when he was raging in righteous fury against the unvaccinated a few weeks ago and demanding, as others have, that they should be "punished". The implication of raging thus:

After all, the proudly vaccine resistant – the so-called “anti-vaxxers” – cannot even point to a brutalised upbringing in poverty as the explanation for their selfishness. In the avowed and proud anti-vaxxer, the state is confronted with the sort of reckless solipsism that it is actually dangerous to ignore.

WRT Northern Iwi you might make the argument about poverty or even a "brutalised upbringing", but in that case it's hard to see what more time, money or attentive pursuit would achieve now what has not been achieved in the previous few months.

Or how about this...
Nevertheless, our democratically-elected government has both the right and the duty to protect the New Zealand people from harm. Indeed, the safety of the people is its supreme duty. Those whose conduct threatens the safety of the people cannot be located anywhere else but in the wrong.

I also noticed that you had none of the arguments to put forward in their defence on that blog that you raise here. Truly, ethnicity makes arguments subtle and nuanced rather than righteous.

The Barron said...

Sad Tom, your unravelling more with each post.

I have been consistently in favour of all resources into vaccination of all NZ, but had particular concern for Maori and Pasifika. Indeed, I believe if you research past posts, I was calling for Whanau Ora involvement and the inclusion of Maori and Pasifika medical consultants. I recall suggesting Colin Tukuitonga as an example of those needed. This was long before the Government set up his and others involvement.

The Whanau Ora and Treaty implications to the roll out are now being explored and I am sure more of this will be discussed in the next week. I was also critical of Rawiri Waititi's posturing at the start of the vaccination debate. I have even expressed some support for compulsory vaccination. I like to think I am consistent.

In regard to 'proof' of American anti-vax influence, we should recall that this was the case during the Samoan measles epidemic. we should also not forget the far-right American that invaded the PM's northern press conference. However, I am unsure who made the claim you wish to refute.

In regard to the view that -

"... young Maori are not yet vaccinated it's not because they haven't had the choice or heard the message or had the opportunity. It's because they've chosen not to."

That is simply not true. Vaccination continues in Northland and while they are lagging the rest of NZ there is reasonable projections that they will be able to catch up. Iwi, Hapu, community and Whanau Ora resources are focused on this. Misinformation, lack of the number of older cohorts other communities have, a historical distrust of health services and simply poverty play the part. One News had a mother being vaccinated at her South Auckland home by the Waipareira Trust. Being able to access Health Ministry information allowed the trust to target those unvaccinated. This woman could not take the children with her to the vaccination stations. There are people in the North that cannot afford the bus fare. They can now be identified and supported.

Not all unvaccinated have the privilege of choice you do. To jealously gaze upon the unprivileged for not being as criticized as those with double degrees and self-described modern media skills is a little bit needy.

Tom Hunter said...

To jealously gaze upon the unprivileged for not being as criticized...

Heh! There's never an argument that you miss when trying to maintain the stance of moral and ethical superiority with your encoded oppressor/oppressed mindset. It's very intellectually limiting but of course you can't see that.

If the unvaxxed are White you'll automatically play the oppressor card on them as with Chris's "reckless solipsism", irrespective of the numbers of "unprivileged", poorly educated whites.

But if the unvaxxed are Maori you'll just switch 180 degrees and start pushing the "unprivileged" line as the shield against them being labeled as those "whose conduct threatens the safety of the people".

The Barron said...

Gee, Tom. If it makes you feel any better my criticism is specific to you based on your views and personality, not your ethnicity.

The Veteran said...

The checkpoints were a farce predicated on a lie. Put there last Wednesday using the rationale that in the Northland DHB area only 82% were double jabbed. Yesterday and with the double vaccination rate still at 82% they were gone by lunchtime.

Hone H strutted his stuff and the three Labour MPs in Northland (Davis/Prime/Henderson) said 'yes Sir, how much' ... caring not that the Northland economy took another hit.

Stupid waste of Police resources at a time when, according to their own stats, assaults are up 12.4% and gangs are emboldened to the point where they are, literally and figuratively, calling the 'shots'.

Chris ... this time your post was 100% off the mark.