Saturday 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas!

Joseph nurses the baby, Jesus, while Mary reads in bed. From a surprisingly progressive Fifteenth Century Book of Hours!

Wishing all the readers of Bowalley Road a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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David George said...

Merry Christmas to you Chris and to all Bowalley Roaders.
Let's all take gratitude for what we have and enter the new year with love and hope in our hearts.

“Winter is the childhood of the year. Into the childhood of the year came the child Jesus; and into the childhood of the year we must all descend. It is as if God spoke to each of us according to our need: My son, my daughter, you are growing old and cunning; you must grow a child again, with My Son, this blessed birth-time. You are growing old and careful; you must become a child. You are growing old and distrustful; you must become a child. You are growing old and petty, and weak, and foolish; you must become a child – My child, like the baby there, that strong sunrise of faith and hope and love, lying in his mother’s arms in the stable.” George MacDonald

David Stone said...

Thankyou Chris
And a merry Christmas to you.
I went with my wife and 4yr son to Steeleye Span's concert at the Founders Theatre in Hamilton, They were a lot younger then, but they were still singing well in 2004. have a more recent CD of Maddi Prior by herself.
Cheers everyone

Patricia said...

Happy Christmas to all.

swordfish said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

16C Gaudete ... one of my favourite pieces of music ... first heard the Steeleye Span cover (on Below the Salt 1972) in the mid-80s ... then sought out other versions once Youtube turned up.

I may be a bit of an Athiest-Rationalist type ... but I can still appreciate this sort of profound religious beauty when I'm in the mood, Gov'nr.

greywarbler said...

Silent Night carol from Welsh Only Boys Aloud. That is a deliberate attempt to foster interest by boys in choir singing which has been a Welsh strength in the past.

Only Boys Aloud and The Aloud Charity have been working with four choirs in Japan - in Oita, Kumamoto and Kitakyushu. As part of the cultural exchange performance, Only Boys Aloud recorded this version of the beautiful Welsh song - Anfonaf Angel.