Saturday, 11 April 2009

Simon the Cyrenian (An Easter Song)

And as they led him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross, that he might bear it after Jesus. - Luke 23:26

I said to my friend sitting on the step
"Can you see anything?"
"There's far too many people", he said,
"I can't see a thing."

We moved to the kerb and waited there
Hoping for a better view.
"Oh, it's just another of the rebels", he said,
"This is nothing new."

"Did you see the look in his eyes?", I said,
"As he passed us by?
"How could someone look that way
When he knows he's about to die?"

"I'm going to give him some help", I said
To my friend. "I am resolved."
"Oh don't be such a fool!", he cried.
"Don't you get involved!"

But I gave him my hand and we made our way
Slowly up the hill.
The city below seemed far away.
The air was very still.

They were waiting for him, and I moved away
From the steel so cold and bright.
For though it was the middle of the day,
The sky grew dark as night.

I stood like stone as they hung him there
Up against the sky.
Turning to leave when, somewhere near,
A woman began to cry.

The streets of the city seemed smaller somehow
That they had when I'd come away.
"He must be almost dead by now",
I said, as I knelt to pray.

A flurry of wings at the window
And I turned to see a dove,
White as the flakes of winter snow
Coming down from the sky above.

And in the Bird's eye I recognised
The look that I had seen
On the face of the man they crucified -
Jesus, the Nazarene.


giordano bruno said...

Hi Chris, I only slightly like your romantic christian posts (I detect a Mel Gibson fan?)
I prefer your political posts. Why can I see Fiji Agonistes on Google Reader, but not on your home page? - perhaps a technicality?) I recall being told in 1987, by a Pakeha, that the then Fiji coup was in line with indigenous rights. Seems that ethnic Indians were not indigenous enough.

Chris Trotter said...

I'm sorry Giordano, but upon reflection I decided my "Fiji Agonistes" was a load of bad-tempered, self-indulgent and politically misguided crap.

So I dumped it.

c novak said...

Hey Chris,
I really enjoyed "The Choice". Read it in my local rag and thought it a fresh take on an ancient tale. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I enjoyed your Christian posts as much as the political ones, thought provoking, and not what I expected here. Thanks.