Saturday 27 February 2010

Support Radio New Zealand Rally

Support Radio New Zealand!
Come to the Rally on Monday, 1st March
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Outside Radio New Zealand House
171 Hobson St, Auckland.

The Government appear hell bent on driving Radio NZ into the ground. This simply cannot be allowed to happen. Radio NZ is the last true provider of public service broadcasting in NZ. Show your support for RNZ by joining other Save Radio New Zealand fans for a protest outside RNZ House on Monday.

Generate as much publicity as you can, bring your friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances (especially if they work in the media!!!) Tell everybody you know between now and then. Share this invitation on your facebook page and invite all your friends.

The idea is to bring lots of little portable radios for tuning in to RNZ National.

Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman is already starting to feel the pressure from the public over his silly move to undermine Radio NZ. His caucus colleagues are fielding loads of emails from disgruntled constituents and the tough questions are starting to be asked over his handling of this issue.

To keep the pressure on Coleman we need a good turn out at Radio New Zealand House 171 Hobson St Auckland City on Monday. We hope we have timed this gathering to coincide with lunchtimes for most city workers.We do not want to alienate other members of the public so we want to see a polite and pleasant crowd turn up. We mustn't interfere with vehicular or foot traffic in Hobson Street. Bring placards, use some of the ideas on the Save Radio New Zealand fan page

If you can get hold of one of the elusive T-shirts, wear it!



peterquixote said...

I think you are right on this one dude.
we do need an independent radio.
It is similar to an independent judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Public and free-to-air broadcasting are in a bad way in New Zealand. Quality documentaries, sport, children's and local programming are all slowly disappearing from television. Even the movies they show are often on their 10th prime time rotation.

Anonymous said...

TVNZ is now launching a channel on Sky Television called "TVNZ Heartland" which will carry their taxpayer-funded backcatalogue content exclusively to a pay-TV audience.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for drawing attention to this cause - you are so right we need to fight this action from National - many people are with you on this one. Please keep writing to draw attention to it - we need as much of a spotlight as possible on this with the report going to the Minister from Radio NZ at the end of the month!