Sunday 11 March 2012

Teal Park: 10/3/12

In Solidarity: Five thousand Aucklanders march down Quay Street to a rally in support of striking watersiders at Teal Park. Saturday, 10 March 2012.

Did you see it,
The flicker of fellowship,
That thin beam linking eye to eye?

Did you hear it,
The single breath sunken to a sob,
Those many voices rising to a cry?

Did you feel it,
The lash of common pain
That only a common flinch can dignify?

In solidarity.

Chris Trotter
11 March 2012

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Robert Winter said...

I went down again this morning for a few minutes to drop something off. The number of cars "tooting" their support was wonderful to behold.

Anonymous said...


Mayor Brown has decided against the hands off approach to this dispute that he has adopted so far. In a bold move to break the impasse Mayor Brown has offered to mediate between the Ports of Auckland Management and the Maritime Union.

Gary Parsloe for the Maritime Union has responded positively. Saying that he will meet any time any day.

So far there has been no reply from the Ports of Auckland.

If PoAL continue to ignore this offer of mediation, then;

MUNZ lawyers should seek an immediate injunction calling on PoAl to attend this mediation.

If the Ports of Auckland continue to ignore this offer of mediation from the Mayor of Auckland, it will be final proof positive in the pending court hearing of PoAL's lack of good faith.

In light of the Mayor's offer and mindful of the law requiring good faith bargaining, I think any judge will look favourably on an injunction and will order PoAl to attend this mediation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not bad.
Tried reading it aloud, not sure where to put the emphasis to make it work?

Anonymous said...

POAL Directors fees

Number of Directors 6
2011 $425,000 $70,833 each
2010 $373,000 $62,166 each

Increase 10.9%

Not bad for a part time job!

You don't see these figures in the POAL propaganda

Anonymous said...

Nothing in life is guaranteed- although if your in a key industry you might get a shot at it.

Anonymous said...

Do the maths – the POA returned a profit of 24 million and a return of 6%. Question “ are the rate payers of Auckland happy to forego a profit target of 12 % ( that other ports in NZ are achieving see ie another 24million to reduce rates or to provide social housing to many, or do they want to keep subsidising 300 elitist workers to the tune of 24,000,000/300 =80,000 each! That is the question Yorick. I don’t see the leftie media tackle this one!

Anon. Y. Mouse said...

Anon at 12.08pm

Get a grip mate. The difference between profit margin and workers wages are not significant in the grand order of things.
To use emotive expressions like; housing for the poor etc. is just obscuring the real issues here.

The workers are entitled to be paid according to the skills they have and the job they are doing. Handling a container crane is not something that anyone can just get into and do. It takes lots of training and skill.

I support the workers in this issue simply because workers throughout the country are being screwed right down. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is going to be more millitant action unless there is more equality.

Anonymous said...

" In a bold move to break the impasse Mayor Brown has offered to mediate between the Ports of Auckland Management and the Maritime Union"

Typo here needs fixing. The letters between "m" and "ate" in the central word should read "asturb" for the sentence to have any connection with reality.