Thursday 26 April 2012

No Ifs, No Buts, No Maybes - Be There!

IF YOU THINK you have even the slightest whiff of the progressive about you, then put your feet on the street this Saturday. The only outcome that could make John Key and Steven Joyce smile more broadly than a new convention centre on Hobson Street is a low turnout this Saturday on Queen Street.

So, no ifs, no buts, no maybes - be there!

Assemble at Britomart. March begins at 3:00pm

New Zealand is NOT FOR SALE!

This is a progressive public service announcement from the Bowalley Road blogsite.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the 'progressives' who will march to keep their 'assets' will also want to own the debt we have incurred in this depression? Amazing to me that people will march to save these 'assets' and yet don't seem even slightly concerned that the seabed and foreshore is being hocked off to just one section of our population.

Susie B. said...

Anonymous makes an assumption about those who marched, that we have no backbone for the sorting out the aftermath of the current financial mess. Assume no such thing. Or else join the likes of the woman at the bus stop who was sure that all we who were marching were layabouts drawing a benefit. When she found out I didn't fit this stereotype she got really, really angry. So easy to dismiss the point of the protest if you just 'know' that all the protestors are the feckless and idle.