Wednesday 11 July 2012

Caption Competition

Warning: All those considering an investment in Labour Political Futures should be aware that the party's current leadership is interchangeable and essentially 'armless.

ONLY LABOUR would voluntarily supply the nation with such an extraordinary opportunity for mockery. Keep up the tweeting, Jacinda!

Your captions should be witty and political - outright unpleasantness will not be published.

The winning entry will replace my own effort beneath the photo.

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Paulus said...

New boyos in blue !

Victor said...

"I never felt more like singing the blues!"


"Something up our Sleeves"


"Vested Interests"


"Triple Trouble"

Far too long for a caption, yet weirdly descriptive of this photo are the immortal lines from Danny Kaye's triplet song:

"We do everything alike
We look alike, we dress alike, we walk alike, we talk alike
And what is more
We hate each other very much
We hate our folks
We're sick of jokes about how hard it is to tell us apart
If one of us gets the measles, then another one gets the measles
Then all of gets the measles, and mumps, and croup
How I wish I had a gun, a little gun
It would be fun to shoot the other two and only be one!"

To my mind, the best YouTube version of this ditty is of Fred Astaire and friends:

Sanctuary said...

Proof that Labour is hostage to vested interests.

Pete Sime said...

Shock as nation discovers vested interests in Labour caucus.

Jake Quinn said...

"Labour's vested interests"

[PS. I think I saw this on Twitter, but cannot remember where]

Anonymous said...

Proof: Labour strategy determined by interested vests.


Brendan McNeill said...

In vest, in Labour.

Phil said...

"Nicholas Jerymn makes its first move to usurp Crosby Textor as New Zealand's preeminent political strategists"

Phil said...

"David Shearer was later fired from the boy-band, with inside sources citing his inability to sing the same tune."

Phil said...

"haughty couture"

Lew said...

I think my rather bitter observation was recorded in the Herald article, but how about "shearer in politician's clothing"?


Cnrjoe said...

Santorum anyone?

Anonymous said...

New police uniforms unveiled.

This penny pinching National government have decreed that flashy badges are too expensive and have to go, as do the stylish but excessively costly hats. And in a bid to maintain tax cuts to the wealthy Bill English said "why do police require sleeves? Police is an active occupation and they keep warm, so this government can save an additional 1 million in cloth."


Victor said...

For some reason, I can't explain, this iconic photo has inspired the following homage to the classic 12 bar blues:

Some people gone and told me
Nobody loves that colour red.
Some people gone and told me
Nobody loves that colour red.
So I pulled on my blue vest
As I got out of bed.

And I walked to the corner
Wearin' that vest of blue.
Yeah, I walked to the corner
Wearin' a vest of blue.
With everythin' red
Hidden away from view.

And I walked into a meetin'
With Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
Yeah, I walked into that meetin'
With Mr Dum and Mr Dee.
And they looked me all over
And cried out “Mercy Me!”

But I was proud to be there
With my new blue vest on.
I was so proud to be there
With that new blue vest on.
But no-one gone told me
Jacinda had her twitter on.

Some people like to rock!
Some people like to roll!
And there’s people that just
tweets away to satisfy their soul!
So I’m an internet sensation,
Me and Dum and Dee,
And the best part about it
Is that it’s all for free!

Yes, some people like to rock!
Some people like to roll!
But some people will do anythin' to scandalize my soul!
And they’re looking out for captions
On Bowally Road.
Just ‘cos Dee and Dum and me
All chose to dress in mode!

My apologies to the purists, if the last two verses are in a more recent Electric Blues style.

Anonymous said...

Labour issues a call to arms!

[David Howard]

Anonymous said...

And the Labour party is, apparently, the party of diversity. This looks like a party of homogeneity of the worst kind - sycophantic groupism. This is not a party that can generate ideas, it is a party of internal politics not external realities, who visibly dress as if the aspirational post in life is a tenured professorship at a high visibility/medium rigour tertiary institution. Sincerely depressing.

Cactus Kate said...

Robertson - "You wanna be in my gang my gang my gang you wanna be in my gang oh yeah"
Cunliffe - "don't wanna be in your gang your gang your gang, I've got my own gang.....and a beard"

Anonymous said...

Look! We're being photographed. Wow. doesn't it feel good to be noticed.

Bob said...

ONLY LABOUR would voluntarily supply the nation with such an extraordinary opportunity for mockery. Keep up the tweeting, Jacinda!

To be fair, the greens used to do this all the time when they were a tiny fringe party. Perhaps that's Labour's goal? It would explain why they put Shearer in charge.

Anonymous said...

At least they are all on the same page!

Anonymous said...

Nannies state of knitting.

Anonymous said...

It makes me weep!

Anonymous said...

Only those that drink the Kool-aid get to wear the vests.

Anonymous said...

If you join us and drink from the fountain of Blairism, we can't guarantee you a job but you will get a vest.

I know that kool aid tastes rough, David, but it won't be long before we replace the vestiges of Social Democracy with...Vestocracy.

Anonymous said...

The only sure way to win this election is the the effective triumph of Vestocracy. Yes, David, I had a hard time swallowing it too. But once you put the vest on it doesn't seem so bad.

Anonymous said...

If Shearer's not wearing the glasses by next week - we'll roll the bastard!

Anonymous said...

"Is it our policies, or are you just not wearing deodorant!"