Monday 18 May 2015

Music Will Save The World: Mandolin Orange - "Wake Me" (2014)

BEGINNING an occasional series of musical treats under the heading "Music Will Save The World" - the hopeful claim attributed to the great Spanish cellist, Pablo Casals (1876-1973).

Our first offering is from my favourite Alt-Country/Americana duo, Andrew Marlin (mandolin, guitar) and Emily Frantz (violin, guitar) who together comprise Mandolin Orange. "Wake Me", recorded live last August at Pendarvis Farm, Happy Valley, Oregon, is their usual mixture of loss and discovery, rapture and despair, all picked out sharply on Andrew's mandolin and Emily's guitar. As bracingly sweet as a glass of freshly-squeezed OJ on a bright summer's morning. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

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David Stone said...

Hi Chris
I can't argue with that.
Cheers David J S

Anonymous said...

They are way too late in acting, and still arn't doing enough.
For crying out loud, cut out all non-Kiwi overseas investors and give the young and up-coming here a fair-go, as the baby boomers etc had.
A whole generation has been dehoused whilst those who bought before the FTA with China are now Lotto winners just on the back of one Auckland home. It's totally unfair, and yet the govt still does hardly anything. Key's children and grandchildren are buffered because of his large fortune, but mine are not!!! I am really worried for generation Rent, it's so immoral and wrong.
Why can't National call a spade a bloody shovel???

Brewerstroupe said...

For your consideration:

Great musicianship here. Scaggs to me is the consummate crossover Rock/Jazz/ artist.