Tuesday 18 July 2017

For Metiria ...

“We will not be a government that uses poverty as a weapon against its own people.”
- Metiria Turei, Co-Leader of The Greens
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The Veteran said...

There is no difference, no difference at all, between someone indulging in tax evasion to escape paying their fair share of tax and someone on a benefit committing benefit fraud. Both deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 'Her' attempt to portray herself as some sort of martyr cuts no ice, no ice at all ... she's not a fit and proper person to be an MP much less the co-leader of a political party. What moral authority would an admitted fraudster have as a cabinet minister? Something for nothing ... if 'she' was on the right side of the political divide 'you' would be howling for blood and you would be justified in doing so.

But when the 'left' do it somehow its OK. Double standards anyone.

oregono said...

Amen....and all that.

greywarbler said...

Good choice Chris Les Mis has many fine songs and words. Arousing the spirit without their degradation and consequent bloodshed would be the ideal.

Bushbaptist said...

"But when the 'left' do it somehow its OK. Double standards anyone." Sweeping generalisation there.

When the 'Right' do it it's called 'Malfeasance," when it's the 'Left" they are criminals!! All are crooked and should be prosecuted. Meteria is wrong to have done it and she should have paid it back a long time ago. This will come back to haunt her as time goes by.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

Well well, didn't I predict a vitriolic response to Metiria's confession. And the veteran seems to have forgotten that people who cheat on their taxes are treated very differently from people who rip off the benefit system. Particularly if they steal large amounts of money. These people are never ever prosecuted to the limits of the law, they usually get off with repaying something like about 10%. People who steal small amounts of money on the other hand are hounded WELL into the future. So I'm calling Bullshit on that.

Matthew said...

I see she's now admitted to taking cash from her family and from the child's father's family( she had refused to give the father's name) presumably without telling WINZ and affecting her benefit
She then didn't attempt to repay any cash over 20 years despite her earnings reaching a peak of over $200000.
How on earth can she stand up up as a figure to emulate and vote for
How on