Saturday 5 May 2012

The Whole World Is Waking


Anonymous said...

As my mother used to say "you young people who are going to take down the system. What are you going to replace it with?"

Victor said...

Anonymous @ 10.20 am

I'd be quite happy for the 'system' to be replaced by the one we used to have before the neo-libs started taking it down, globally. I suspect your Mum would have agreed, though I'm not sure that many of the 99%ers would.

Anonymous said...

A dilapidated van with a giant loudspeaker on its roof glides through central Prague blaring patriotic arias at a deafening level punctuated by short exhortations from its driver whose jubilant peace sign is reciprocated by a surprising number of grinning onlookers. In Athens the artists are prolific on public spaces with wit and humour and from Barcelona to Balclutha, Lucy lawless in New Plymouth to Lorilee in Longville, there's a coming of cool.

Cool Power. Poetry, song: tiny anti-establishment stencils and youth with conviction. It's lighting Europe, it's what fired the 50,000 against mining, it's what Hone has in spades. It's what a tory aches for but can never possess: it's repressed in the hearts of countless young kiwis, and it's long overdue for release.