Friday 22 September 2017

Election Day Blackout.


Jude Gillies said...

Thanks Chris or continuing to give those of us who can remember the Pre Rogernimics days the hope that there can be a future worth voting for...

jh said...

I know two people (I'm one) who voted TOPS when NZF was the other contender. People may not get the connection?

greywarbler said...

A comment for Sunday - it is sunny in Nelson. About to vote. Hope that progressives towards better get a government that is not made up of devious dinosaurs and their spiny children.

The Urban dictionary has an telling reference to The Lizard King:

An alter ego of Doors lead singer Jim Morrison, to imitate a Native American shaman. Shamans identified strongly with an animal deity. Jim chose the lizard, which included the ability to shed his skin (leather pants, which he wore chronically).

It may also be said he chose a Tyrannosaurus rex for "dinosaur fear" -- the theory that we have a genetic memory from the time when dinosaurs not only ruled the earth, but also snacked on our furry ancestors.

jh said...

Some people may see a similar situation here to Thailand with its red shirts (indigenous Thai people) and yellow shirts (Chinese).
Winston folded when asked by an (ethnic) Indian boy: "why are you against migrants?' Why is it only Asian migrants?". He should have let him have it,'1. New Zealanders didn't want their nation diversified. (Parr 2000)
2. Which other countries are doing the same as (so-called) migration receiving countries" ("classic" migration receiving countries at that)?
3. He could have quoted Kerry McDonald or Michael Reddell at him. Kerry McDonald called the high rate of migration "a national disaster". He could have pointed to the cooling between Australia and New Zealand and it's effect on working class New Zealanders. By kowtowing he tacitly agreed with the Duncan Grieves, Paul Spoonley, Noelle McCarthy and Jim ("our future lies with Asia") Bolgers.
Someone pointed out that he may have got greedy trying to widen his appeal? Someone needed to be brave enough to stand up and say "yes, we are a people"

greywarbler said...

Hi Chris
Looking forward to your bit or bite. It is developing much as many forecasted. But still the specials to come and make their difference.
And Winston, they are playing for him 'Is you is or is you ain't my baby.'

TOPs should have been enabled to be on Radionz I think. But they come under the threshold. What do you think about a 4% threshold first before an electorate win. That would get rid of this one group injecting themselves like a thorn in the body politic. The woman on panel said the threshold should be 1 or 2%. This is close to the recommendation from the panel looking at it nationally, can't think of their name. I think that is stupid PC stuff. That gives the power to the rigid and prejudiced to get in just like ACT. No way.

jh said...

I see the "ultra far right" ADF got 13% of the vote in the German elections. "Not since the 1930's". Once was considered normal but still is in Asia.