Friday 15 September 2017

One Picture: Toby Morris's Brilliant Take On National's Attack Strategy.

Auckland cartoonist Toby Morris has produced this superb pictorial commentary on National's campaign tactics. His chilling adaptation of the Nat's "Winning Runners" television ad exposes the class warfare which, when all the superficialities are stripped away, constitutes the dark matter of every general election.

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greywarbler said...

It is very sharp in its points. It fits into this concern of the middle class about keeping up their health, fitting themselves to face their future, at the top of their game. Running, cycling, orienteering, all through and over the environment, which they care about they say. While it serves their interests.

If you concentrate on goals like getting fit and running marathons then you can't be expected to help with cake stalls and other similar mundane things to help the whoever from whatever country is devastated by nature or war or both. Besides there is a fund-raising fashion show by Hospice of the in-charity to attend.

And certainly you can't find time for those in NZ who have all the opportunities that God created (and Upper/Middle Man and Woman took away). In fact their continual state of helplessness and degradation just shows how unfit they are to survive. Really Darwin was right, and they all understand how adaptation works in his theory, though few have ever sat down, read and analysed it. The Labour Party is for losers and though they pretend to have answers, and try to do the right thing occasionally it would be foolish to give the economy over to them so they could pour all our gains into helping prop up losers. Everyone knows that social welfare is just a slush fund for the incompetent and lazy.

The upwardly aspirational class know it all, and are very busy learning how to use their new app that they need for work, and to keep up with all the others. Busy, busy, if you're on the treadmill you have to keep going and bugger the losers. Frankly if they tried as hard as you, then they could be where you are. You certainly don't want to be where they are, so that's a real incentive to keep up when you see the begging and whining they indulge in, drugs, dissolute! Not nice.