Monday 7 August 2017

Simon Wilson Just Came Up With The "Jacindatrain" - Here's Another Kind!

“All aboard the Jacindatrain ... It’s the Let’s Do This train, the revivalist train, the laugh-while-you-change-the-world train.”
– Simon Wilson.
Video courtesy of YouTube.
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greywarbler said...

I do believe something good is going to come! Hoorah.

Chris Trotter said...

o: Guerrilla Surgeon:

Too much relentless negativity, GS. Whatever paths Cat Stevens has followed since the release of "Peace Train", back then he basked in the joyous light of youth and truth.

Guerilla Surgeon said...

As did we all Chris, as did we all. :) Which makes his statement all the more surprising I guess. I still have a couple of his CDs though. :)

g said...

For positivity, hope, expectation, solidarity with others in society (the two men grip hands and vow 'Womb to Tomb') here is 'Somethings Coming' from West Side Story sung by a photogenic man with lots of white teeth. Perfect analogy.

Jens Meder said...

Hmmm - but does not this sort of political morale booster rely too much on just more "circus and bread" appeal ?

greywarbler said...

Jans Meder
I don't think you have any better political morale booster. I have just realised how important it is to have some soul and empathy when thinking in political terms. The pollies we have now seem singularly lacking in the idea of soul, and music comes from the soul so the circuses and the sheer joy of being alive and expressing that in some way should not be gloomed down.

We have to get rid of the soulless pollies who are breaking down our resistance to real soulless entities, the Artificial Intelligence machines being produced by the science-crazed; the elegant, extravagant,
clever pieces of artifice that can take over our world. They will make all our decisions for us and we will let them because they are so much more efficient than us.

But we were never meant to be as efficient as at present, just able to adapt and keep thinking how to manage. Think about having a soul as the most important thing. And needing bread and circuses, bread and roses - the eternal struggle to find balance in life and not worship machines and goals distant from our everyday living.

Anonymous said...

It seems we live in interesting times!

My view as a centre-right voter:

Yes, I can see Jacinda instantly gaining several percentage points. Firstly because she's not Andrew Little, secondly because she's a woman (yes there are plenty of women out that who are that superficial!) and lastly I can see several percent migrating from the Greens, thanks to Metiria.

So where does that leave us?

The Greens are now in danger of slipping below the 5% threshold. If they keep on doubling down in their support of Metiria there is a good chance they will continue to bleed right up until the election. They really need to cut her loose to save the sinking ship.

TOP will probably take 1-2%, mostly from liberal urban white males most of whom would have been Labour voters in the days when Labour was a "broad church".

Conclusion: Most of this is not good news for a left of centre coalition. It will be good for Jacinda though, because it will cement her role as leader and give her the power base to make the necessary changes within Labour. She and Labour are not in a fit state to run a country at this point anyway so no harm is done - but it gives her the chance to build a solid foundation for next time around.