Thursday 5 January 2017

Some Rhymes For The Silly Season

Said Bronagh: “From where I am sitting,
It’s tremendous to know John is quitting.
His surprise Christmas gift
Gave so many a lift,
Which, given the season, was fitting.”
With the family back home on the farm …
Bill English was seized with alarm.
Was this two-oh-oh-two?
Or just more déjà vu?
… With the family back home on the farm.

With Mt Albert again up for grabs
Be prepared for some pretty sharp jabs
As to whom we should turn
Harré? Genter? Ardern?
(Just don’t call it a battle of babes!)

So it’s Trump – and what’s not to like?
All you losers can go take a hike.
Just how good can it get?
You ain’t seen nothing yet.
So much more’s coming straight down the pike!
These rhymes were originally posted on The Daily Blog of 23 December 2016.


Guerilla Surgeon said...

I've heard Trump described as "the Potemkin village of Presidents." Probably a bit difficult to arrange rhyme and metre. But it's probably worth spreading around too.

greywarbler said...

Were these All Your Own Work, Chris? LoL Getting images of Trump looking pugnacious can't be hard - the other images were very nicely chosen. Leila Harre has lasted well, not too many cross currents twisting the face.

Trotter leads the way
Though commenters would say nay.
But their emotions are mixed
And too often fixed
On doing less than they say.

Just tossed that off, (some say I'm a tosser.)