Monday 8 September 2014

Putin - The Grand Master

I FOUND THIS little gem on Cameron Slater's Whaleoil blogsite (yes, yes, I know, but it's actually a really interesting place to visit!) and I just had to re-post it on Bowalley Road.
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Victor said...

I suspect that Angie is more or less as good as Volodya at chess.

But the real game is poker and the latter holds the aces. Moreover, he's notoriously poker-faced.

Cameron, meanwhile, is best advised to stick to tiddlywinks. It's probably too late for him to take up caber-tossing.

Anonymous said...

Obama thinks: My lying bullshit opening isn't working. I can usually BS other players off the board! O dear I'll have to pretend I gave him the game because if I didn't he'd get violent and kick our asses.

Cameron thinks: I'm pissed the Obama opening I spent a lot of time studying is crap. We'll have to figure a way to chuck this interloper out of the club! He can f*ck off back to a Russian Chess Club!

Angela Merkel thinks: The Obama opening makes me look like a Washington prostitute whose foreign policy is not German or in the interests of Germany but Yank BS. How much longer do I have to lie down for this pseudo chess master? the real one's over the table, Right all stick together! We'll get rid of this upstart though I'm impressed with his gas line!

Other Nato Leaders: O dear O dear he's not impressed with our Nato posturing BS.Bastard's winning!