Friday 29 March 2013

A Revolutionary Song For Easter

So place no trust in saviours
Judas said, for everyone
Must be to his or her own self a sun

STAND UP FOR JUDAS. Scottish fok-singer, Dick Gaughan, sings English song-writer, Leon Rosselson's, fierce denunciation of Jesus's other-worldly teachings. Stand Up For Judas celebrates instead what Rosselson interprets as Judas Iscariot's call for salvation in the here and now - offering a revolutionary twist to the Easter Story.

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Anonymous said...

By the look of Dick-the Scottish-Folksinger's nose, someone has stood up for Jesus and snotted him a beaut.

He's rubbish. Get him off. Bring back the juggler!


ak said...


Dick's onto it.

The entire left/right division since Karl can be explained as selective emphasis.

Love the poor - but never enough because the poor will always be with us.

The rich will never enter paradise (but through the eye of a needle) - but give Ceasar whatever he demands (it's his property right).

My father's kingdom is not of this world. And yep I know you can know no other.

Watch me physically pummel and whip these money-changers - but forgive those who slaughter your family and grind you under their heels - not once, but keep on forgiving them forever.

Let them smash you seventy-seven times, and still turn your cheek back for more.

Fuck off Jesus.

Well actually not you.

Just the bloodless scum of millenia who have used and distorted you to their own venal ends.

Just the snake-jesus salesmen who promised not one year, not two, but eternal bliss; versus not one year but eternal frying.

Just the Thatchers, Reagans and Keys who play out the last cards of this obscene anti-Christ distortion.

Not even the pope pushes Heaven any more Jeebo. You had to do it, (but we're not even sure of that - could you even write?)

It's over, Jesus-users. No robes or incense will mask the stench of the shit you have smeared on the cross.

It took a while, but Love won the war against racists, misogynists, homo-bashers and overt slavery.

The remaining battles over wage-slavery and beneficiary-bashing totter on: but the trend, dear deluded, doomed and pitiable compassion-free disciples of Greed, is as inexorable as it is immutable.

Sink gnashing and clinging vainly to delusion in your final requiem ditch or rejoin Him and us in His true prescription.

David said...

Lest your flippant remarks go unopposed ...

Dick Gaughan is one of Scotland's finest folk musicians, a brilliant instrumentalist as well as a great performer of the songs of the industrial working class.

I had the privelege of seeing Dick perform at Leeds Trades Hall back in the mid 1980s. Amazing voice, deeply honest performer.

As a follow up to "Song for Judas" try "The workers' song" ( or his arrangement of Robert Burns' "Now westlin winds" (

Anonymous said...

This seems blasphemous even for Gnostics. But maybe there is a certain amount of truth in it.